Locust House Variations (2016)

by Adam Gnade!

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Audio track excerpts from Adam Gnade's book Locust House and demos of its prequel, Life is the Meatgrinder that Sucks In All Things, released by Three One G.


released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Adam Gnade

Adam Gnade's (guh nah dee) work is released as a series of books and records that share characters and themes; the fiction writing continuing plot-lines left open by the self-described "talking songs" in an attempt to compile a vast, detailed, interconnected, personal history of contemporary American life. His work is released by Pioneers Press and Three One G. ... more

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Track Name: To Live is to Dance Vaudeville in an Awful Shit-Show (unreleased home demo from Life is the Meatgrinder that Sucks In All Things)
Life is a plane crashed nose down into the hot earth. Life is addiction and fading dreams and forced compromise.

Life is a hand to pull you up in the pit. It’s the easy days after a long winter illness. It’s the record that saved you when all you wanted to do was sleep.

To live is to dance vaudeville in an awful shit-show. To live is to know ruin and to seek shelter in ruins. To live is to believe in love (and to search for it) while all signs point to tragedy.
Track Name: They Will Fester (unreleased home demo, Life is the Meatgrinder that Sucks In All Things)
Sometimes in the morning your defenses
will fall away and the awful thoughts
will come back to you. You will try to
push them off but they will stick inside
you like a barbed stinger and they will
fester. They will expand and they will
bloat with your water in them. They will
thrive on you. They will flourish in the
dark places you run from.